Urban Pakistan

The thriving and developing businesses in the urban areas have attracted a lot of manpower from the rural areas to find a better living for self and families. Besides Karachi and Lahore metropolises, other cities of Pakistan like twin cities of Rawalpindi / Islamabad, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Quetta are also fast developing with sky scrapers dotting the sky line. The business opportunities are laced with modern facilities, well link network of roads and communication means. The easy access to broadband internet facilities have linked the domestic business with the international trade and Pakistan is making its presence felt by its quality exports specially in Textile, leather garments, sports goods and surgical instruments. Many multi-national banks and companies have opened their offices and outlets in major cities. Major fast-food chains are doing thriving business. While on one hand, the exodus from rural areas has open up business opportunities for smaller investors, the huge influx has added more burden on the available civic amentias, potable drinking water and means of communication.

Business and Shopping Centres
rawalpindi rawalpindi

Eye Catching Shopping Arcades

Boulevards and Underpasses

Monuments and Historical Structures
Golden Evening Sialkot Clock Tower National Monument Heavenly Illuminations Lahore Fort Illuminated by Fading Sun

Decorative Art
Three Brothers in Foggy Winter Evening        

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