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A typical view of most of Pakistan's Rural areas (Photo Courtesy Jalalspages)

Rural Pakistan

 The rural scene has remained unchanged since decades. Most of the villagers still live far from the hustle and bustle of the urban areas and still live in their mud houses with almost non-existent civic amenities. The unpolluted environment with lush green fields stretched as far as the eye can fathom. The chirping of birds on old banyan trees and wandering of domesticated animals still seen on the dirt tracks and around small ponds filled with rain water. The donkey and horse / cattle driven carts still remain the basic means of transportation. However, lately with the carpeting of the dirt tracks and opening of roads from the farms to the markets in the nearby towns and cities, life styles are changing. Mud houses are being replaced with brick houses, motorcycle driven rickshaws, called "Ching-Chees" are fast replacing horse driven carts and small lift carriers and beautifully decorated buses changing business convenience. Electricity is fast approaching villages and small town, which beside running the tube wells have also lit up the villages, where once people used to retire soon after the sunset. The availability of WLL / cellular phones has replaced the age old home-delivered mail system. Even internet is now available in small towns and large villages. The rural-urban divide is narrowing at a very rapid pace.





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