Towns and cities in Balochistan are not as big as compared to other provinces generally due to scarcity of water and abundance of arid and wastelands. Khuzdar, though one of the important cities of Balochistan is a small sized city located in Khuzdar District in Balochistan, Pakistan. The city of Khuzdar is situated on National Highway linking Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. It is at a distance of about 400 kms from Karachi and 300 kms from Quetta, both of them being main cities of the country.

During the Arab rule this region formed the province of Turan and Khuzdar was the capital. It was an important cantonment and was the headquarters of the Arab General Commanding the Indian frontier. Later Khuzdar became a part of the Kalat State. It was the scene of a battle between the people of Jhalawan and the Khan of Kalat in 1869. The Khan of Kalat Mir Khuda Khan was victorious and built here a fort of painted pottery. Close to the town are the ruins of an old fort built by the Arabs. Khuzdar is the capital of Khuzdar district. It is a district and divisional headquarters town in Balochistan. Previously party of the Kalat district, Khuzdar was upgraded as a separate district on 1st March 1974. The district is subdivided into three tehsils: Khuzdar, Naal and Wadh. It is at the apex of a narrow valley at an elevation of 1,237 m (4.000 feet). Over 99% of the people of the area are Muslims. The population of Khuzdar district is estimated to be over 525,000 in 2005. The major tribes in the district are Bizenjo, Mardoi Jattak, Hasni, Zehri, Mengal, Zarakzai, Ahmadzai,. A large military complex is near completion near Khuzdar, which would make it the second largest Cantonment in Balochistan after Quetta.

Khuzdar-Shadadkot Highway (left) - Khuzdar City (right)

Khuzdar has its own university which is located at the outskirts of Khuzdar. The former college, now university is constructed on the foot-hills and is spread over an area of 200 acres. The clean and calm environment makes the university an ideal place for academic and research activities. Khuzdar Airport is situated at 5 km away from city centre of Khuzdar, Balochistan, Pakistan. It is not as large as the other airports in Pakistan, as it operates to cater mainly to the population of Khuzdar.

Most of the area is not reported and arable land is a small proportion of the reported land. The total area of the old Khuzdar district, before bifurcation, was 6,489,100 hectares. After bifurcation into Khuzdar and Awaran, the statistics of the Board of Revenue give Khuzdar an area of 4,326,100 hectares and Awaran 2,163,000 hectares. However the geographical maps seem to indicate that both districts are of about equal size. Although Khuzdar has a considerable length of roads, most of these are shingle roads. Most of the villages and towns are interconnected through shingle roads. However, some of these tracks become are difficult to pass during heavy rains. A large part of the metalled roads mentioned in the table below belongs to the National Highway Authority which connects Quetta with Karachi via Khuzdar.

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