Picturesque Lakes of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those God blessed countries where one can travel from sea level through deserts, lush green plains and finally to snow clad mountains like K-2 and many other spectacular glimpses of nature's best. In between the towering mountains are some of the most spectacular lakes, with ice cold water and beautiful reflections of snow covered mountains. Not only this, even one finds equally picturesque lakes in al other provinces of Pakistan, e at Hana Lake near Quetta (Balochistan), Manchar and Kinchar Lakes in Sund province and Kallar Kahar and Rawal lakes in Punjab. This section of Pakistanpaedia brings to its readers the wonderful world of wetlands and lakes which leave an everlasting impression on the tourists who come to Pakistan from around the world.

Let us start the journey from the Arabian Sea in the Sind province and see some of its spectacular lakes:

View of Keenjhar Lake (the shrine of Noori on the right)


Black necked Stork - Be Wicks Swan - Marsh Crocodile  at Haleji Lake

In Punjab province there are a number of man made and natural lakes that are essential for the stopover of the migratory birds beside a source of natural vegetation, fisher and provision of water for the locals. Some of these are as under:

Kallar Kahar Lake

Hana lake - Quetta

Balochistan province is otherwise a water starved province, hence no big wetlands can be seen. With the coming up of a number of dams, however, the number may increase. Presently Hana Lake near the capital city of Quetta is the life line for inhabitants of Quetta and surrounding areas - located ten kilometres from Quetta at the confluence of Urak Valley. The picturesque lake with its greenish- blue water portrays a rich contrast to the sandy brown of the hills in the back ground. The Lake had its tourist attraction and boats are available to row around the lake. In sever weather conditions, the lake dries up and threatens the very existence of human and animal life.

The Norther Areas and the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan is a Heaven on Earth. It provides spectacular view of some of the beautiful and breathtaking sceneries around the world. Its lakes with crystal clear blue icy waters are wonders of their own kind - no where found anywhere else.

Lake Saif ul Muluk

Rama Lake - Astore


Kachura Lakes (The Shangrila Restaurant on the foothills on the right)

Mohodand Lake, Upper Ushu Valley (Kalam)


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