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 One of the largest irrigated forests in the world

Many go to Changa Manga Jungle for picnics and merrymaking - but hardly few know that they are visiting one of the largest irrigated and planned forests of the world. Located some 70 kilometres south of Lahore in the Chunian district, the forest covers an area of 5,000 hectares (12,510 acres) and is one of the largest of its kind. The planting and irrigation of it took place in the 19th century in the era of the British due to the need for timber for the Indian railway network.  Today, it is the source of significant revenue for the state coffers. The thickly wooded forest is also a popular recreational area. Most of the trees belong to the family of species such as acacia nilotica (kikar) or morus alba (mulberry).

The British made Locomotive (Serial O-4OWT17208) still operates for wood carriage

Parts of the forests have now been developed into a park with a rail road which gives the visitor a 5 kilometres ride on a miniature train through the forest. There is also a lake called Lunar Lake where boating is possible. There is a lake called Lunar Lake where boating is a common feature. Families come on weekends from nearby Lahore to picnic under its Sheesham and Mulberry trees and ride on the small train that runs through the plantation. There are several rest houses in the forest, which can be hired out to holiday makers. TDCP offers air-conditioned lodges for tourists. One can enjoy with mini-train ride in the natural environment and boating in the beautiful lake.

TDCP Resort - Wood Loading

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