There have been many good sites about Pakistan on the web, but I always wanted to add a wholesome site about everything of Pakistan. The journey started about five years ago when JalalsPages appeared as part of the free site facility from the platform of as Later, JalalsPages was renamed as Pakistanpaedia and still hosted as free site as Encouraged by the results, by the grace of the Almighty is now an exclusive paid site and is spread over 50 pages and thousands of pictures to provide basic information of every facet of Pakistan. Almost every week a new page is being added or the old ones updated. The Landmarks are of special interest and so far 34 landmarks have been added, and more are being added.

The site logo has also been improved. The previous one is as under:-

Why I started this site? Many ask me and here is why.



As for its contents,  think of any aspect from Pakistan's roots, history to its birth, culture, traditions, sports, entertainment, people, land, flora and fauna, national parks, landmark architecture, great men and painters. The government, economy, foreign relations, disputes, mega projects and the armed forces - the binding pillar of all segments of Pakistan's ethnic divides. Its flag and national anthem. Some may be surprised to know that the very first national anthem approved by Mr. Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, was written by a Hindu and that the design of the famous Minar-e-Pakistan at Lahore was by a graduate of St. Petersburg University who originally belonged to Daghistan, USSR. A lot of historical papers have been consulted to make Pakistanpaedia a real mini pedia of Pakistan. One only needs to explore the site to know the unknown or know my version of some of the misconceptions about Pakistan.

Note Concerning Copyright: I have made a good faith effort to follow the copyright laws in developing this website. Images used are either believed to be in the public domain, or are used by permission. Textual passages are either my own, or consist of works believed to be in the public domain and attributed to the author within the text. If any copyright violation is found please notify and the image/passage will be deleted immediately, or proper credit will be cited.

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