Munir Niazi

"Kujh Sahnoon Maran Da Shauq Vee See"

The literary history of Pakistan is replete with names that have left such imprints that can never be erased from the memories of millions. And Munir Niazi has been one such name. He was a poet by nature or we can say he was a natural poet. His verses seems to have just flown out of his pen whenever he came back from watching the sufferings of the people around him. His flair for poetry both in Urdu and Punjabi is simply masterpiece and undoubtedly matchless. But the direction and new life that he infused in the Punjabi poetry would perhaps can never be surpassed. The creative quest in his soul made him try out many genres of poetry and the genius in him came up with a distinct style that was uniquely his very own. He had a vision of hope and love for his country and its people. Love, he said is the most enduring quality and poetry reflects the most sublime side of life. His poetry influenced an entire generation of young writers and poets for giving them an exceptional and powerful style in poetry. Munir Niazi had to his credit 11 Urdu and 4 Punjabi languages published collections of poetry, which included widely acclaimed "Tez Hawa Aur Phool', "Aghaz Damistan Mein Dobarah", 'Pahli Baat Hi Aakhri Thi" and 'Aik Doa Jo Main Bhool Gaya Tha".


"Us bewafa ka shehar hai (left) - Munir Niazi in person (right)


Munir Niazi, whose actual name was Munir Ahmed, was born at District Hoshiyarpur of the Indian Punjab on April 19, 1928. He did his matriculation from the District Sahiwal and later got himself admitted in the Diyal Singh College, Lahore. All his life he wrote exploring the unseen from the unknown. The supernatural was more real than nature in his poetry. His romantic elements had a haunting quality, seeped in mythology and imagery. Since he belonged to a class which is brought up in extreme poverty, his poetry had a touch of melancholy. He himself remarked once when being asked that why he wrote for the films, that it was hunger that made him do so. Therefore, he naturally had a consciousness of the miseries of the common man and naturally his work has many admirers among them. All along his life, he braved the winters and scorching sun out there in the open with many others. Although every one liked his work, for which he earned tremendous fame, it did not bring him money, since his publishers always promised him great sums, but later returned him empty handed even when his words were selling out in large numbers.

Zinda Rahen Tu Kya Hai Jo Mar Jain Hum Tu Kya
Duniya Main Khaamoshi Se Guzar Jain Hum Tu Kya

Hasti Hi Apni Kya Hai Zamane Ke Samne
Ek Khwab Hain Jahan Main Bikhar Jain Hum Tu Kya

Ab Kaun Muntazir Hai Hamare Liye Wahan
Sham Aa Gayi Hai Laut Ke Ghar Jain Hum Tu Kya

Dil Ki Khalish Tu Saath Rahe Gi Tamam Umr
Dariya-e-Ghum Ke Paar Utar Jain Hum Tu Kya

On the 26th cold December winter 2006, at 78 he breathed his last in Lahore, after suffering long of asthma. Niazi would be remembered for his impressive personality and beautiful poetry. His demise marked an end to a great chapter of Urdu and Punjabi poetry.

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