Other Great Painters

There are many more names in the art and craft of Pakistan of international acclaim. These include Shakir Ali, Jamil Naqash, Bashir Mirza, Ana, Laila Shazad, Ahmed Kamal, Eqbal Mehdi, Kaleem Ahmed and many more, who have not only painted the rural scene, but have also ventured into the domain of modern art and calligraphy.

Shakir Ali is a name to remember for he was the pioneer of modern art in Pakistan. From calligraphy to humans and landscaping, he has his own name. He had firsthand experience of Modern Art in Paris. After studying art at J.J. School of Art, he attended Slade School in London, then worked in Paris with Andre L’Hote before he went to Prague. Many of his paintings feature birds, portraying personal freedom in a world of conventions. His house after his death has been converted into a museum for the art lovers to come and admire his lifelong work. He had been principle of the famous National College of Arts, Lahore.


Jamil Naqsh

Kaleem Ahmed (center/right)

Ahmad Kamal is famous for triangular shaped calligraphic work - unique from all others. 

Woman in White (top) and Peering Sun (far right) by Eqbal Mehdi

Girl's earrings by Nagi

old lahore

old lahore

old lahore

The glory of Old Lahore beautifully painted by Dr Ajaz Anwar - See More of His Art Work

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