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Pakistan World Cup 2006 Winner Blind Cricket Team

Cricket by the Blind is the only sports that provide a healthy playing field for the blind. A few know about this game. However, lately the holding of the World Cup for the Blind Cricket has attracted the world attention to the noble cause.  Fortunately, Pakistan is amongst some of those countries where this type of cricket is played and Pakistani team also ranks among the top few teams, having won the last World Cup. Beside Pakistan, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, England and the West Indies also participate in the blind cricket matches. World’s first Cricket Test match for the Blind was played between Pakistan and South Africa in which Pakistan defeated South Africa by 94 runs. Defending Champion Pakistan once again retained the title by beating India by six wickets on 16 December 2006 at  Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Pakistan. Pakistan qualified for the final by beating Australia by 10 wickets.

The present Pakistani squad for the World Cup 2006 includes:

Pakistan's Amir Ishfaq (left) and Masood Jan (right) - World Cup 1998

The main difference between standard Cricket and Blind Cricket is the ball. Blind Cricket is played with a size three football containing ball bearings. The teams are composed of players from up to five different sight categories B1, low partial, B2, B3 and B4. B1 is totally blind and the sight categories then move upwards in levels of sight. Each sight category is subject to different rules and compensations in order to make the playing field as level as possible. For example, a B1 player receives two bounce bowling and is allowed to catch opposing batsmen out one bounce. B1 players also have to bowl around a third of their side’s overs and each team must field at least three B1 players. The major variations with the regular cricket are as follows:

World Records:


Runner Up 1998 World Cup - Pakistan Blind Cricket Squad with the Indian President - Masood Jan in action 1998

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