Stamps of Pakistan (1981 - 2000)

Celebrating 50 Years of the Independence
A set of four stamps issued on 14 August 1997 to celebrate the 50 years of the birth of Pakistan. Clockwise from top left are Muhammad Ali Jinnah (the founder of Pakistan), Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal (the national poet and the one who proposed the creation of a separate homeland for Muslims of Pakistan), Liaquat Ali Khan (first Prime Minister of Pakistan) and Miss Fatima Jinnah (sister of M A Jinnah)

Floral Pattern Definitive Stamps issued in September 1995

Left: Independance Day 1984, Center(left): Winner of Cricket World Cup 1992
Center(Right): Dresses of Pakistan, Right: Celebrating 20 Years of PIA's China Route (1964-84)

A set of 10 stamps issued in 1987 to depict various air actions of PAF

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